Special Equipment Administrative Permit Application System
2024-03-02 Saturday
State Administration for Market Regulation
Special Equipment Administrative Permit Application System
1.Introduction to the System:

Online application management: based on the principle of “integrated registration, integrated certification, integrated application, and integrated feedback”, the extranet service design puts people first, and provides functions as following: user registration and administration, workflow check, report, result feedback, supervision and complaint, consultation and discussion, text and mail reminding. Hopefully, service field will be broadened and work efficiency will be improved, in an effort to make the system a window of the quality supervision administration to the general public.

Online application management is one of the entrances to administrative permission service and an important part of the service management system. Its main functions are: first, user registration and verification; second, solving all the issues concerning permission consultation, acceptance of application materials and review of the result. The system should include (but not limit to) the following functions:

1.1 User Registration

Three ways to register: user name/user password; internal verification (passwordis available after databaseinformation check in the system); CA certificate verification. Once registered, the user can have access to the whole system. Extranet users are divided into: anonymous users, custom users, verified users after database check, CA certificate verified users.

1.2 Applying for Permission

The online application service system makes work guide index to inform the extranet users of the requirement and paperwork to be submitted once. Users are allowed to submit application materials for once or many times, to type in, edit, and delete materials that are not officially accepted.

Online application: wizard is available so that users can be directed to processing from type of permission, procedure and policy basis.

Online application service system will provide the basic validity check function.

Administrative licensing items, after being accepted, automatically transmit the data to the main central database; for administrative licensing items applied in subordinate body, can also be collected through data exchange interface to the main central database and proceeded in relevant procedure.

1.3 Information Feedback and Result Query

Process condition and result query for the administrative licensing items are offered to extranet users. Users can check the condition of the items by application sequence number and browse other information in the system, for example, public information, policy, administrative licensing affairs, and other open information of the government.

2.Application System:
2.1 Application Process:
When the enterprise files new application, upgrading, adding new items, or changing certificates, it should follow the process below.
2.2.1 Sign up for an account.(skip to the next step if you have registered)
Click"new user registration"to create an account. This account is the unique credential to sign in the Special Equipment Administrative Licensing Application System, so please keep it safe.
2.2.2 Download and install the client software of Special Equipment Administrative Licensing Application System.
After registering your account, you can download and install the client software of Special Equipment Administrative Licensing Application System.
1.Download Address
Main Setup Program: No installation, green version
2.Installation Instructions
Step 1: Decompress the package downloaded
Step 2: click the "setup.exe" and start the installation process
Step 3: Finish installation by following the instruction
Step 4: Install printing controls automatically
Step 5: short-cut icon of Administrative Permission for Special Equipment on the desk top, installation succeeds
2.2.3 Log in the Special Equipment Administrative Licensing Application System to start the application.
Double click the shortcut icon of the Special Equipment Administrative Licensing Application System on your desktop to open the logon user interface. Then enter your user name and password registered in step two, and after that you can sign in the application system to start your application.
3.Technical support:

TEL: +86(10)83886166
Email: caservice@cqc.com.cn, 18910756793@qq.com
(P.S. Due to the large number of mails and calls received everyday, your issues are better to be described in e-mails with detailed pictures for proper and prompt solutions)